Three-Body Problem, the 35th language edition

May, 27, 2024

On 26 February 2024, Catalan edition of The Three-Body Problem was released. Now this hit science fiction novel celebrates its 35th language edition. Three months have passed, how does it perform, especially Spanish edition has been published earlier and already a bestseller?

Three-Body Problem (Catlan)

The Three-Body Problem (Catalan)
Duna Libres | 2024-02

Catalan is a language spoken mainly in the Catalonia region of Spain, one of the official languages of Spain  and Andorra. It is also a language spoken in Valencia and the Balearic Islands of Spain, as well as in parts of France and Italy, covering a population of about 12 million people.

Thanks to the Netflix series of 3 Body Problem, the original novel is once again generating buzz. Catalan edition released three days before the end of February, but so far it has been on Gigamesh CAS/CAT and CAS monthly bestsellers for four times.

Gigamesh Bestsellers

How do the readers say?

"I really enjoyed reading it again and I can't do anything but recommend it to you. And you know what's the best? That the two remaining novels are even more spectacular. I envy readers who have not read anything by Cixin Liu and start discovering him with this edition in Catalan. A journey full of surprises awaits them, a thousand stories, different eras and atmospheres, overflowing imagination and shocking scenes that will take your breath away. When the second one is released, I'll dive headfirst into it."


The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu (@DunaLlibres, trans @mireiavu) has a translation note 
with historical context, glossary, and other important information! ❤️ 
And keep the Chinese surname + first name order for the characters! ❤️


Another book on nightstand "The Three-Body Problem" by Cixin Liu @DunaBooks
No pressure to read before the next premiere of the series


Finally, Cixin Liu in Catalan thanks to the good work of @DunaBook
"The Three-Body Problem" is one of the hard SF novels that has broken molds in recent years.
And the trilogy will blow your mind.
@NetflixES will release series soon!
Read it first! (I'll be back.)


Finished "The Three-Body Problem," we add it to the collection. I thou-ght it would be a much harder reading, but I really liked it. Personally, I wouldn't put it on the Foundation level, but yes on top of Dune. @DunaBooks @MaiMesBooks @Raig_Green


If the readers have purchased a limited edition, they'll receive a box containing a book, two bookmarks, a postcard, a poster and a letter from "Ye Wenjie". They will have to find other lucky readers of this edition to solve the riddle together, making this limited edition even more fun!

limited edition box.jpg


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