FT Culture (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to uncovering and producing outstanding creative works from China, and to promoting these works around the world. Currently we deal with foreign rights of Chinese books and production of graphic novels.

We offer books that bring reading pleasure: contemporary novels which reflect human emotions; high intelligence challenging genre fictions like SF&F, historical novel, crime fiction, or cross-overs; and non-fiction which depict the development of contemporary China with good writing skills, fascinating readers outside China.

We built international team to create artistic graphic novels, and develop them in various ways.

FT in our company name stands for 'For Transcendence'. Our vision is to work with our partners to forge international bestsellers that could withstand the test of time regardless the differences of culture.


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Apt. 905, Longdu International Plaza, Chaoyang Dist.,
Beijing 100101 CHINA

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